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Stuck in Traffic

Weekly Devotionals

Stuck in Traffic

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter; Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.. – Ecclesiastes 12:13

There’s nothing that I feel is a greater waste of time than being stuck in traffic. The most frustrating thing about a traffic jam is that you try all you can to beat it, but you really can’t. You see the lane next to you start to move along, and so you try to change lanes, only to find no one is willing to let you in, so when you finally are able to cut someone off right before a collision, the lane you just cut into abruptly stops, while the lane you were originally in starts to move along. There finally comes a point when you just give up trying and just sit there frustrated. Your sighing becomes much more frequent. You constantly have a scowl on your face. You lose all patience with others and turn into a monster of rage. You start looking at Facebook on your smartphone to pass the time when you know you shouldn’t, and when the guy behind you angrily honks his horn you look up to realize that you have inadvertently let in three cars ahead of you. You took the car out in the morning thinking that it would be so much more convenient and comfortable, but maybe you should have just left it home and taken the subway.

Many of us are stuck in the traffic jam of life. When we first got started on our career paths or whatever it is we are doing, we thought that this was what would be most comfortable and convenient for us. However, we now find ourselves stuck. We try to do what other people do and cut other people off, step on them, and disregard them to try to get ahead of them, but then we realize that whatever we do it is futile. Then, we look for ways to entertain ourselves, or we just stop caring, and we find ourselves stuck even further behind in traffic. Eventually, your life is a hurricane of sighs and a scowl is forever imprinted on the front of your face.

Maybe it’s time to leave the comfort of your car behind and take a walk out to the subway station, buy a ticket, and get on the train. Sometimes seeking God may not seem like the most convenient or comfortable thing to do, but instead of you having to fight through traffic on your own, you can let God just take it you where it is you are supposed to go. The preacher of Ecclesiastes is a realist that knows that life has its ups and downs, and everything you try to do is meaningless. At the end of the day, all there is to do is to trust God and keep his commandments and God will get you there.

Now where is ‘there’ you may ask? John Ortberg, in his book When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box, tells the story of when he was a child one of his greatest accomplishments was to beat his grandmother at Monopoly. He would get all the real estate, all the buildings, and all the money, and he would win the game and feel so ecstatic. But, when the game was over, all the pieces, all the cash, all the houses and buildings; everything went back in the box. Is ‘there’ for you back in the box or is there something greater than the box?

If you’re tired and weary today to start off another Monday; if you want to get unstuck in the traffic jam of life; if you want a little more meaning today; can you simply say, “Jesus, just take me there”? Jesus said, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” In the end it all has to go back in the box so let’s call on Jesus today to take away your burden away and take you on his train to where he wants you to go, and that where is simply to be with him.

Let’s pray today: “Lord, I’m sick of being stuck in this traffic jam of life. I’m sick of playing Monopoly with my life for what is futile. Can I just come to you and be with you? Can you take me there to be with you today?”

Blessings this week.