1 Corinthians

blue and brown painted wall

25 Dec: But God

Merry Christmas to you! As we retell the story of Jesus’ birth each year we are invited again to contemplate and discover new wisdom for our lives. This year the unlikely way God chose for His Son’s grand entrance on earth strikes me yet again: in the form of a baby, born in a nondescript location, to nobody parents. I feel sure that any of us asked to choreograph the event would have scripted it differently, but God was certain His will would be accomplished and had nothing to prove to humans, and the newborn Messiah took His first naps in an animal’s food trough.

President 2020

01 Nov: Election Day

I know that there has been much written and said about the US presidential election in the news, social media and online sermons. But here’s one last devotional before we find out what happens this Tuesday/Wednesday, barring any delays.

In our passage (including ch.1), we see that the Corinthian church has been quarreling over their favorite Bible teachers, Paul, Apollos or Peter. And the driving question comes down to “Who do you follow?”

hike stairs

24 Nov: Get to Steppin’!

Every day when we leave our 2nd floor villa apartment, my 3-year-old son will say he is going to walk down the 30 steep and uneven cobblestone stairs “by myself”, as he puts it. Now, I am all in for supporting my oft independent toddler in his “by myself” endeavors, but I can’t let it happen quite yet. Even in his attempted followup of assurance that he’ll be “careful”, I still cannot maintain the confidence that there won’t be a misstep that might bear unfortunate results.