27 Nov: HOPE

I can’t believe it’s already almost December, I was just getting used to writing 2016 but we are only a month away from a new year.  Yesterday was the start of this year’s advent season, Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas and Ends Christmas Eve.  This year since Christmas Falls on a Sunday we get full 29 days of remembering, celebrating, anticipating and rejoicing in Jesus.  Yesterday being the first Sunday of Advent we celebrated Hope.  

14 Dec: The Cost of Joy

The third week of Advent represents the theme of joy. We probably heard somewhere that happiness is circumstantial and fleeting while joy rises above circumstance and is everlasting. This is indeed true. The problem is that we assume that as Christians, we should automatically have joy. If we have Christ and we trust Him, then it follows that we should have joy as well. If that’s true, why don’t we experience joy more often in our lives?