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04 May: God of Emmanuel

It is very easy that we sometimes feel like God is in certain places or not in certain places. Where is God? This was a critical and frequent question for the people of Israelites. Is He on the mountains like the time of Moses? Or is He in the temple? Then where is He now? Many people have been and are and will be asking this question. It seems like God is full in the sanctuary in worship while He doesn’t seem to be present in the street of dying people. 

green trees near mountain under blue sky during daytime

27 Mar: A New Normal Christian Life

This is a one powerful statement made by Jesus, the Son of God. So powerful it makes my heart beat a little faster. We, mere mortals, have access to a power beyond this world when we petition our prayers with faith? Really? Move mountains? I’ve heard pastors explain this away as metaphors, with mountains representing the challenges we face in life; or that we need to really ask within God’s will, not just for anything.

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12 Oct: Jesus, the Beginning and the End

Jesus Christ is bigger and better than we thought, imagined or currently know.  I’m still reeling over yesterday’s sermon from Dr. Scott Carroll (  When I think about how Jesus is the Author and the Finisher, the Beginning and the End, the Great Champion from start to finish (however you want to interpret that phrase), I realize to a greater degree how all-encompassing Jesus Christ really is.