Kindness is contagious

25 Mar: The Power of Kindness

Jesus was probably the kindest person who ever existed on the planet. His kindness was so radiant that sinners and hardened hearts were turning to him. In the love chapter, 1 Cor 13, love is described as patient and kind. It sounds so normal that love should be kind. However, practicing kindness is definitely not a natural habit for most of us. It comes with practice and training. It is easy to be kind and patient when we feel good and things are going the way that I wanted.

green-leafed plant

10 Jun: A Person of Character

Quite recently, the media was covered with news of Korean Airline CEO’s 2nd daughter insulting an advertising executive and throwing water in his face.

Few years back, her older sister made international headlines over the infamous ‘nut rage’ scandal in which she demanded a Korean Airplane return to the gate to remove a flight attendant who had served her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a bowl.