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26 Aug: Teaching Your Children

Parents are always teaching their kids. Even before they are born, we try to impart words of knowledge, love, and affection so that a part of us can rub off on them. As they grow, the instructions become more deliberate and constant. There’s a tug and pull between letting them be themselves and controlling their behavior. Obeying parents isn’t a natural disposition as they come to terms with their own will to power.

girl's left hand wrap around toddler while reading book during golden hour

18 Mar: A Child of Suffering

Today we mourn the loss of 50 people in New Zealand from another senseless shooting spree. They are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, and each has a name, a testimony to tell, and are made in the image of God. I cannot begin to comprehend why someone would want to murder women and children. Most suffering is incomprehensible but especially at times like this when there’s such a disconnect between reality and perception.