11 Oct: Dreams on Eagles’ Wings

This past week, I woke up one morning to the sad news of the passing of legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen. For a middle-aged man who grew up in the 80′s and 90s it was quite melancholic for me. He truly was a guitar virtuoso and rock legend. One of the most iconic music videos I remember watching as a kid was a video to Van Halen’s song Dreams, which featured the US Navy’s precision flying squadron, the Blue Angels.

praying hands

19 Nov: Reading Through the Psalms

There is something very personal about reading the Psalms, especially since there are so many “I” referents within the litany of prayers scattered across the book. Previous scholarly work of the Psalms viewed the prayers of lament as strictly individually focused, but there have been others who view these prayers as representative of a community. Seeing the collective spirit in the Psalms has significant implications in informing our modern faith.