07 Mar: Dependence on God

There was a season when I found this passage very challenging. How did Jesus fast forty days and forty nights and still resist the temptation of not eating? Knowing that He is fully God and fully Human and knowing that He then must have felt the extreme hunger and fatigue I could only imagine, I always felt stress when I read this passage, maybe even felt sorry for Him.


19 Oct: Lessons From A Newborn

This past September we had a new addition to our family.  Emma Renee Lee was born weighing in at 3.48kg, she can cry with anyone and has one of the most beautiful eyes.  Yes, as rookie parents our world has turned upside down and down again but at the end of each day, Lois and I are happy to have survived the day.  Emma can make us smile, cry, laugh and panic all in the same hour.