14 Mar: When Our Reality Conflicts with Our Theology

In many places in the Bible, the community of faith often faces situations that are unscripted. Or, if I put it another way, they face situations that conflict with their scripted theology and faith. However, these situations, often with much suffering and injustice, are never easy to take in whether our faith has been scripted or unscripted.


05 Jul: The God-ness of God

This is the famous passage concerning the prophet Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the Statue of Kingdoms. The entire chapter is more than worth the read but what we have here is just the interpretation portion in which the King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian kingdom is revealed to be the head of gold and the other sections of the body, other great kingdoms to follow before God sets up His own kingdom that will one day displace them all forever.

man field

13 Oct: Striving for Excellence

This past week my school celebrated our spirit week. It is a week where the students and teachers dress up based on the selected theme for each day, but the highlight of our annual spirit week is the field day. It is a day where everyone goes outside to a park or a gym and we play various games and compete with each other. Throughout the day, the two teams were in high spirits and competed well. However, near the middle of the day, I started to hear whispers of “We lost already. What’s the point?” And this spirit swept through the team like a gushing wind and I found a big chunk of the team not giving their best effort. Unfortunately, this spirit of what’s the point as long as (insert condition) has been evident at school. Many students have been voicing this idea that they do not need to try their best as long as they are happy, having fun, or passing the class.

give thanks

18 Nov: Thankful…Always.

It isn’t often that I write devotionals for The Hub, which is why I find it serendipitous that this is the 3rd time “my turn” has landed during the Thanksgiving holiday.  In reflection and review of my previous devotionals, the message of thanksgiving focused on themes such as identity and praise.  And though those are things we need to continually recognize, this particular Thanksgiving season, I want to meditate on the challenges of giving thanks in ALL circumstances.