07 Jul: With You All The Way

This is one of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible.  It’s a vision of God in the heavenly realms that never fails to strike me with wonder.  The descriptions that Ezekiel gives are quite possibly metaphors to give us understanding of what God is like, nevertheless this is what He saw.  Most of the chapter is dedicated to this incredible depiction of God and the living creatures and how they host His glorious presence.  


10 Aug: Cambodia

I just came back from a mission trip to Cambodia and I wanted share about our trip briefly.  This year’s team had 11 members from Jubilee, we were joined by 50+ kingdom workers from US, Korea and Cambodia.  During our time in Kampong Cham, we were able to witness 100+ people give their lives to Jesus.  As we prayed God worked powerfully healing, restoring and renewing the land and the people of Cambodia.