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14 Jun: Walking with God

These verses demonstrate so well the struggle of understanding what it is that God asks of us. We often get it in our minds that we need to do and give grandiose things to show God our love for Him. But he simply wants us – all of us – which is of course the hardest thing for a human to give. He wants us to walk with Him in constant and complete fellowship, the way He created us to be with Him.

baby yawning

10 May: For Crying Out Loud!

On April 22, 2020 at 5:50pm, an all-familiar sound filled the room I was in as my daughter, Jubilee Grace Hope, used the fully-functional lungs that God had given her to cry out. Her tones resembled those of one who was experiencing some big life changes. She was cold. She was hungry. She was adjusting to the increased intensity of light. And all for the first time.

grayscale photography of praying hands

04 May: God of Emmanuel

It is very easy that we sometimes feel like God is in certain places or not in certain places. Where is God? This was a critical and frequent question for the people of Israelites. Is He on the mountains like the time of Moses? Or is He in the temple? Then where is He now? Many people have been and are and will be asking this question. It seems like God is full in the sanctuary in worship while He doesn’t seem to be present in the street of dying people. 

hike stairs

24 Nov: Get to Steppin’!

Every day when we leave our 2nd floor villa apartment, my 3-year-old son will say he is going to walk down the 30 steep and uneven cobblestone stairs “by myself”, as he puts it. Now, I am all in for supporting my oft independent toddler in his “by myself” endeavors, but I can’t let it happen quite yet. Even in his attempted followup of assurance that he’ll be “careful”, I still cannot maintain the confidence that there won’t be a misstep that might bear unfortunate results.