20 Sep: Other Mountains to Climb

Happy Anniversary, Jubilee Church! 

As we celebrate our 14th full year as a church family this week, I am reminded of what anniversaries represent in our lives. They are milestones that cause us to look back over the last year and beyond of all that has brought us to this moment today. And despite the changes that take place for better or worse, the evidence of our reasons for celebration come from remembering God’s faithfulness and reflecting on our faithfulness as well. 

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05 Apr: A Moment to Pause

A book is made up of many chapters, and these chapters are meant to serve as a cue for the reader to pause. Without the chapters, the reader has to decide when to stop on their own. This can be played out in two ways: One, a person who hates reading may stop when they shouldn’t, so momentum is never built. The other, a person who is an avid reader may not know when to stop and continue on when they should’ve paused. I believe that our lives are similar in this way.

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23 Feb: Stay Engaged

As the world continues to worry about the spread of the COVID-19 virus among other existing worries such as climate change, government corruption, economic stability, etc. the Bible tells us – commands us – to focus on Truth that is beyond what we see. Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. We worry because of what is unknown to us and the lack of control we have against potential harm and too often we forget about our God to whom nothing is unknown.

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16 Feb: No One Like Our God

Recently, I’ve been reading through 2 Chronicles 33 and seeing the rise and fall of the ancient kings ruling over God’s people. At the introduction of the next successor, there is always a precursor to whether this king did right or evil in the eyes of the Lord. After a pretty faithful and God-honoring life was offered by King Hezekiah, his pre-teen son became the next leader of Judah. [If you didn’t catch it, a middle school student was now in charge!] Check it out…