17 Jun: True Freedom

reedom is a concept that most hold as innate to human flourishing. Being able to make choices autonomously, without coercion or tyranny are pillars of western democratic values. The concept doesn’t simply fly above the world of politics or within the ivory towers of academia alone, as pop culture is littered with symbolism around the spirit of freedom too. Contemporary music, art, film and literature fascinate over the ”freedom to be who you are” and much of our culture has at their foundation ideas around autonomy, human rights and entitlements.

person standing on hill

13 Nov: Freedom as Slaves

In the book of Philemon, we’re introduced to Onesimus, a slave that ran away from Philemon, a wealthy Christian. Having ran away with money, he meets the apostle Paul and becomes a follower of Christ. The letter urges Philemon to accept Onesimus back as a brother and Paul promises to pay whatever debt is owed. If you stop and read this story through the eyes of Onesimus, you start to realize just how crazy Paul must have sounded.