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26 Mar: Remembering The Source

Lately whenever I find myself starting to take credit, even in my own head, Paul’s insistence on refusing to do so at all flashes like an indicator light in my brain. It makes me pause, collect my words, and rephrase before I speak so that what I say more accurately reflects the real source of whatever good happening I’m about to claim responsibility for creating.


24 Jan: Weekly Devotional: Don’t Give Up!

Near the end of 2020, a friend shared that he recognized that he was not very loving at his workplace. He said there were many moments where he completely forgot that Jesus called him to love his neighbors. He described how he was very short with his coworkers and sometimes intentionally dismissed them. So at the end of our conversation, he told me that he was going to try to be more loving in 2021.

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28 Sep: A Spirit Filled Community

There’s a lot of biting and devouring going on these days. Turmoil and strife seem to overrun the news headlines. Add a pandemic into the mix and it feels like this cocktail of anxiety is the choice drink that many are imbibing. Chaos has a way of bringing out the worst in us, especially when the threat of resources drying up hits close to home. Self-preservation is often our first instinct when any sort of peril comes our way and Cain’s dispiriting retort of “…am I my brother’s keeper” seems to be the sign of the times. It’s a chilling question to ask ourselves and it’s a question that threads through much of scripture.


17 Jun: True Freedom

reedom is a concept that most hold as innate to human flourishing. Being able to make choices autonomously, without coercion or tyranny are pillars of western democratic values. The concept doesn’t simply fly above the world of politics or within the ivory towers of academia alone, as pop culture is littered with symbolism around the spirit of freedom too. Contemporary music, art, film and literature fascinate over the ”freedom to be who you are” and much of our culture has at their foundation ideas around autonomy, human rights and entitlements.