jubilee sanctuary

13 Apr: DEFINITELY the People, NOT the Building!

There are some silver linings in this pandemic, one being us able to see more clearly what is truly essential for our lives compared to what may not be as essential as we thought. If there ever was a doubt, I believe that there isn’t one now. The people of God gathering regularly to worship the Lord together is essential. Now I’m very grateful for technology to hold us over but I think we can all attest to the fact that virtual services are not, nor can ever be, anything more than a placeholder.

Man walking in an airport.

08 Mar: Irrelevant

Missiology is the “study of missions.”  In missiology, there’s a word called contextualization.  According to modern day church specialist, Ed Stetzer, “[c]ontextualization involves an attempt to present the Gospel in a culturally relevant way.”  In other places he says, “[c]ontextualization is adapting communication of the gospel to the forms and expression of another culture so that mundane obstacles to the gospel may be overcome.”