14 Jan: Waiting In The Wrong Fastpass Line

I’d like to share a brief story about something that happened to me at the Salt Lake City Airport last summer. I was in Utah visiting my brother David, and after my time there, I was planning to fly out to Portland, Oregon, where many of my friends still live. I had heard that domestic flights in the US could have really long lines lately due to strict TSA security checks, so I made sure to get there at least a couple of hours in advance of my flight to ensure I had sufficient time.


26 Nov: Hope in Immanuel

The necessity of sacrifice seems harder and harder to accept in a world that seems to be increasingly self-focused and divided. Being self-sufficient and independent – able to get things done without the help of others – is very empowering to most of us who have been taught to be self-reliant. Furthermore, modern technology is making it easier to not have to rely on others and this may be part of the reason why it is becoming harder and harder to understand that sacrifice is needed for there to be love and unity in relationships.