20 Sep: Other Mountains to Climb

Happy Anniversary, Jubilee Church! 

As we celebrate our 14th full year as a church family this week, I am reminded of what anniversaries represent in our lives. They are milestones that cause us to look back over the last year and beyond of all that has brought us to this moment today. And despite the changes that take place for better or worse, the evidence of our reasons for celebration come from remembering God’s faithfulness and reflecting on our faithfulness as well. 

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28 Jun: Journey Off The Map

Suppose that you set out on a journey to a place no one has visited. There are no maps or paths, and it’s up to you to chart the territory. What obstacles might you encounter? wild animals, quicksand, white water rapids? After all journey ahead is unknown to us. But the good news is that we have faithful, dependable trustworthy Guide to help us every step of the way. It’s Jesus.