11 Dec: Be Great??

For our devotion this week, I felt led to remind us that what it is to be “great” in the eyes of God is vastly different from what is “great” in the eyes of the world. We can see this truth very clearly in this story of John the Baptist. By this point in his life, John the Baptist was arrested and as I’m sure he probably knew, he was soon be executed. Therefore, though he was a man who in the face of persecution from the religious authorities of the day, not only boldly called all to repent to turn back to God but also boldly declared Jesus as the promised Messiah, in this moment we find John the Baptist doubting his faith in Jesus. 


26 Nov: Hope in Immanuel

The necessity of sacrifice seems harder and harder to accept in a world that seems to be increasingly self-focused and divided. Being self-sufficient and independent – able to get things done without the help of others – is very empowering to most of us who have been taught to be self-reliant. Furthermore, modern technology is making it easier to not have to rely on others and this may be part of the reason why it is becoming harder and harder to understand that sacrifice is needed for there to be love and unity in relationships.