02 Oct: The Gift of Forgiveness

Recently, forgiveness has been on my mind. Humanity’s universal need for it, and our world’s growing and problematic shortage of it.

One friend shared with me the story of how, inspired by a book, before sending their child off to college she and her husband asked their child, “What hurts in the past do Mom and Dad need to ask your forgiveness for?” This difficult but simple question triggered wonderful healing and growth in their family.

christian meme

14 Jun: Walking with God

These verses demonstrate so well the struggle of understanding what it is that God asks of us. We often get it in our minds that we need to do and give grandiose things to show God our love for Him. But he simply wants us – all of us – which is of course the hardest thing for a human to give. He wants us to walk with Him in constant and complete fellowship, the way He created us to be with Him.