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22 Dec: Obedience

I still remember a refrain from a contemporary Christian song my parents played when I was younger: “Love is not a feeling, it’s an act of your will.” Even in elementary school that struck me. Somehow I understood that it meant that as Christians, God calls us to a different kind of love: not just following our emotions, but sticking to our commitment to Him and His ways and timing. Not just doing what feels good, but making intentional choices to follow what He’s said is right.

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27 May: Who Would God Vote For?

We’re about to enter another act in political theater, in yet another election cycle. Sometimes I wonder where God stands on many of our modern day issues. I want to know whose side God is on and I want to be on the same side. In other words, who would God vote for?  Luke reminds us that God often isn’t taking any side politically, but that isn’t to say He is disinterested either.