grass farm

22 Nov: True Thanksgiving

In light of this being the season of the harvest, I wanted to share about how we can ensure that we are those that truly give thanks. I bring this up this because for the most of us, if we’re honest, “giving thanks” is not too much more than saying “Thank You” as an expression of politeness and good manners. Now, there are certainly times where a polite “thank you” is both acceptable and appropriate. However, this is not the kind of “thanksgiving” in true thanksgiving. 

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05 Apr: A Moment to Pause

A book is made up of many chapters, and these chapters are meant to serve as a cue for the reader to pause. Without the chapters, the reader has to decide when to stop on their own. This can be played out in two ways: One, a person who hates reading may stop when they shouldn’t, so momentum is never built. The other, a person who is an avid reader may not know when to stop and continue on when they should’ve paused. I believe that our lives are similar in this way.

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19 Nov: Reading Through the Psalms

There is something very personal about reading the Psalms, especially since there are so many “I” referents within the litany of prayers scattered across the book. Previous scholarly work of the Psalms viewed the prayers of lament as strictly individually focused, but there have been others who view these prayers as representative of a community. Seeing the collective spirit in the Psalms has significant implications in informing our modern faith.