group of person standing outdoors

04 Apr: Unity

God is all about unity.  It’s all there in the Trinity…the triune (“tri”-“unity” – three in one) God.  The unity of the Father, Son and the Spirit pre-dates the existence of our world/universe.  His “triunity” was there from the very beginning when God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) through the Word/Son (John 1:1-3); and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters (Genesis 1:2).  Not only does unity pre-date our known existence, it is built into the very fabric of our world.


26 May: In God We Trust

Today is Memorial Day in the United States and I was reminded of a Sunday service I attended while visiting home in Virginia a few years ago. Early into service, I noticed that it wasn’t going to be a normal Sunday. The church decided to celebrate Memorial Day and make it a focus for the worship.  They played a tribute video for the military and members from each of the five active branches of the US military were asked to rise in turn and be recognized to a standing ovation.