08 Sep: Redefining Fear

I think for a number of us, when we talk about the “fear of the Lord”, it generates feelings of apprehension rather than gratitude or love. Perhaps you came from a community where a theology of wrath superseded the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ that the gospel writers pointed to in Scripture. Maybe you feel overwhelmed that the God of the universe is so large that you feel insignificant and worthless or that God will accuse you like some unbending prosecutor. It’s possible you might even feel crippled because you sense as though God will send you to hell for eternity. I want to acknowledge and say that such thoughts are likely of the devil and anxiety like that will actually lead to the end of wisdom in your life.

wheat field

05 May: A Friend Called Failure

Again, I want to share with you a passage and a reflection from the book, The Slow Sacred, by Alicia Britt Chole.  

A Friend Called Failure (ch. 44, pgs. 199-202)

According to Alicia, there are two types of failure: 1) ethically neutral failures and 2) sin-induced failure.  We should be grateful for both because failure, in its many forms, is often one of the wisest teachers in the growth process – if we let it speak.