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Weekly Devotionals

Take a Deep Breath of the Holy Spirit

If you ever have a long conversation with me, you will always hear me talking about my favorite subject: Bible 😀 And if you hear me talking about the Bible, you will always hear my favorite chapters in the Bible: Genesis 1-2. These two chapters hold so much depth and significance in our theology and in the foundational stones of our faith. One of my favorite scenes in these two chapters is the image of God’s wind becoming the source of life that gives the fullness of life to all creation and God’s breath being blown into humanity to make them fully and beautifully the image of God.

The reason why I love this passage is because God describes His life giving presence in the most simple yet essential element of our life, which is breath. However, the kind of life that is given by breath is not as obvious as the oxygen that we need to simply be alive. Instead, the kind of life that He gives with His breath is the flourishing and thriving life that was meant to be lived with each of our breath or the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Lately, in our spiritual disciplines, I have included meditation and breathing, and they have been a great grounding exercise to help me realize my finiteness and weaknesses before God’s vastness. In these exercises that help me to feel whole and embodied, then I now am able to think about a question of life that comes from the imagery of breath from Genesis 1-2. It is, “with every breath that I take as a new creation in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, what kind of life is meant for me?” “With every breath that I let out with words of my mouth, what kind of life does the Spirit want me to bring?”

In thinking about something so simple such as breath, we can see and experience much of God’s love and purpose for our flourishing life. So, on your rest, sabbath, or even during work, let me encourage you. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the goodness of the Holy Spirit. Think about what kind of new life that He is calling us to live in His new creation of us. And think about what kind of new life He desires us to bring into the world by letting go of our breath.

May the breath-taking love of Christ fill all the spheres of your life this week.