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Ten Years So Far; What a Ride!

Weekly Devotionals

Ten Years So Far; What a Ride!

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. – Genesis 2:24

This past Wednesday I celebrated a landmark in my life that a few years ago I never thought I would have seen. June 26, 2019 marks the 10th year anniversary that I have been married to my wife Juri. And believe me, if you knew half of our story, you would know that it is a miracle that we got to 10 years together.

Many people ask me how I met my wife, and how we ended up getting married. I actually really love our story. Not because it’s a perfect story, but in fact for the exact opposite reason. Everything that could have gone wrong in our relationship did, even from the first moment that we met.

Our first date was a set-up that neither of us really wanted to be at. It was a double-date that both of us thought went on way too long and by the end of the evening, I just asked for her number because I spent a lot of money that night, and she was just too tired to refuse. Our first one-on-one date was never supposed to happen. She turned me down cold the first time I asked her out. So, I didn’t call her for close to a month. Then one day I was bored, so I thought, ‘What the heck, let’s give her a shot again.’ She said, “Yes,” but that’s only because she had nothing better going on. Then at dinner, I didn’t realize how hot it was (it was mid summer) and how I was sweating in my plate of spicy Thai curry. Imagine her disgust when she saw me eating out of the same plate I was
sweating in.

Despite all that, she eventually said yes to the idea of marrying me. Not that she wanted to at first. She actually turned me down on my first proposal. It was Christmas Eve, and we had flown down to Jeju-do for a day trip. I popped the question before we were supposed to catch our return flight. She said, “No.” It was a very awkward flight back to Seoul, as we sat next to each other not knowing what to say.

I sometimes joke that we’ve been married for 10 years, and we’ve been happily married for 6. Those first years were tough. I’m 7 years older than her, but I acted like I was 7 years younger. It’s a miracle that we were able to get through those times.

Some people say that 10 years is a long time, but in the grand scheme, we know it’s still pretty short. But, with 3 kids along the way, and a change in careers for me from sports marketing to vocational ministry, it feels like we’ve grown 30 years older during that time.

Many people ask me, how did I know she was the one? The truth is, I didn’t. To be even more honest, sometimes I still wonder. But, I know this for certain, it is by grace I was saved, and it is by grace God brought us together, and it’s by grace that I was able to get married to a woman like Juri.

For those of you guys who have a husband or wife; really love them this week. For those of you who are still looking, I ask for God’s grace in your life so you may meet someone right for you. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about grace. And if someone does come into your life, rejoice! And even if you haven’t met that person yet, remember to still rejoice in the Lord always!

Have a blessed week!

P.S. If you’re more curious about our story, feel free to listen to the recording below. If anything you’ll get a great laugh out of it.