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The Chun Family Update – September 2016

Weekly Devotionals

The Chun Family Update – September 2016


Hi everyone! This is Sharon this time 🙂

I hope everyone has been doing well. This past month has been packed! Victor has been helping YWAM Together and preparing for the Fall Discipleship Training School (DTS). Victor will be staffing the 6-month school (3 months of lecture and 3 months of outreach) while I will be a student. The first day of orientation was this past Friday and the lecture will start tomorrow. Shiloh has been attending a children’s program through the International House of Prayer. They learn about Jesus, how to pray, and do fun activities (awwww so cute).

After the lecture phase, our family will be going on our FIRST FAMILY MISSIONS TRIP (woohoo! haha) to a foreign nation (not disclosed yet). We are excited for this season for our family. We know that doing DTS and going on missions isn’t only for me and Victor but it is for Shiloh as well. Even though she is only 22 months old, we know that this is part of her testimony and story with the Lord. We know that she is going to be really blessed.

To be honest, I was very hesitant in the beginning of even doing a DTS because I knew that we would have to raise a significant amount of money for our family to do this, but as I was praying, I felt that this was right for our family and that despite my worries, it was going to be a special season for us and a blessing for our family.

I want to ask you all if you would pray and consider supporting our DTS/missions trip. We need to raise $10,000 by December so that we can go on outreach as a family. If you could join us financially but also with prayers, that would be a huge blessing to us. Please pray that we can all adjust well to the busy schedule (especially Shiloh) and that we can fully receive all that he has for us.

Many of you already have been supporting our family in so many ways and there are no words to describe how grateful we are. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and love for our family.

Much love and many many blessings from the Chun family.

To support us for our DTS you can go to this link:

Or PayPal:


Fall DTS Staff 😀


Thanks for your support!