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The Chun’s Update – August 2015

Weekly Devotionals

The Chun’s Update – August 2015

Dear Friends,

We had staff training this month and our base director, Mark Anderson, shared about what he’s learned over his 40 years of ministry. The first day he talked about having personal discipline and also how good parents discipline their children and ultimately how our Good Father disciplines those he loves. The next day, he talked about our motives for doing ministry. For discussion he asked us two questions:
“What or who gives you significance?”
“Do you want to be a world changer or do you want to change the world?”




“What or who gives me significance?”

Being in Kansas City and call2all has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for me in some ways. Some days I would feel confident that God called me and my family here, and some other days, I would honestly question what am I doing here? Now, at the end of our 5th month here, that roller-coaster feeling is gone and I am so thankful (the key word!) that we are here. I came here with expectations of what I would do and the impact I would make, but in all of that I forgot that I don’t get significance out of what I do or the impact I make, but I get my significance from who my Creator, my Father says I am.

“Do I want to be a world changer, or do I want to change the world?”

There’s a subtle difference between to the two. There’s nothing wrong with being a world changer, but what are my motives for being a world changer? Do I want recognition? Significance? Or, do I want to change the world, even if the world doesn’t recognize or acknowledge what I’m doing?  What if I’m changing the world by simple obedience to God and walking out my faith in the little everyday things? God’s been showing me the places in my heart where I want recognition and significance apart from Him, and he’s calling me back to that first place of significance as his son whom he loves.


This past month has been a refreshing one. With being a mom, and just life itself, I was forgetting to abide in Him. Not that it’s all about “doing works” but for me personally I was challenged to be more disciplined with my time; to set aside time for Him in whatever small way I can. I realized that It’s not about how long, or how much because being a mom you just don’t have a lot of time and you are tired (haha) but it’s about the small choices we make for him that matters.


Mark Anderson spoke at Jubilee Church Seoul on Sunday, August 30th and will be speaking at CityLight Seoul on Sunday, September 6th, so if you are available you should come out to hear him speak!

[Click here to hear Mark Anderson’s message at Jubilee.]

Finally, September 14th is the first day of the Year of Jubilee in the Hebrew calendar and we pray that you will find much rest and abundance and even more closeness with our Father in this next season!

Much love from Kansas City,

The Chuns

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