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The Chun’s Update: February 2016

Weekly Devotionals

The Chun’s Update: February 2016

Dear Friends,

February was a busy month mostly because I was preparing to teach about Missions to 30 Discipleship Training School students. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t done this type of teaching for a while. Besides having a little bit of a cough, things went really well and there was a great response from the students.

One of the students told me after that this week was one of the most important weeks of lecture for her because she realized that a lot of what I was talking about was how she wanted to serve God.

I went over the 4 Perspectives of Christian World Missions (which is a course I’ve taught before). It gives biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic perspectives of what God is doing around the world in terms of missions. It was a challenge condensing this 45 credit-hour course into 12 hours of engaging material, but praise God it went well!

I also incorporated call2all material as well as things that I’ve experienced over the years working in Jubilee as a Missions Pastor as well as my time teaching at university.

Blessing the Wives…

Some of the husbands on base thought it would be a good idea if we blessed the wives by making them brunch on Saturday morning. We surprised them by making them brunch, getting baby sitters, even cleaning up (!), and then sending them all off together to get pedicures!

God has been showing us the blessing of having so many amazing families around us. They really do “spur us on to love and good deeds.” Missionary life definitely has its ups and downs, but having friends both far and near makes it worthwhile.

Many blessings to you and yours!

The Chuns

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