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The Chun’s Update – July 2015

Weekly Devotionals

The Chun’s Update – July 2015

Dear Friends,

July has been a busy month for us. Here are some highlights:


It’s been a busy month of driving for me, I’ve driven the 40-minute drive to and from the KC airport around 20 times this past month because of family coming in and other events on the YWAM base. This means lot’s of time to pray, and think, and think some more…One good part about driving was I was able to meet many amazing missionaries that have been in the field all over the world. Some for more than 20 years.

Outreach to India
Although we don’t go out on the field, our base sends out short-term missions teams every 3 months. We love hearing the testimonies of our teams. Currently we have a team reaching out to unreached people groups in India. Here is a testimony from a friend of ours who is there…

“Hi Victor!! We r going to unreached tribal areas that other missionaries haven’t been to and don’t even want to go to. The spiritual warfare is intense, but we are winning and fighting out of victory. It’s not easy. The weather has gotten better and God is definitely on our side. We can see how the enemy had worked so hard to confuse, scare and attack the people here spiritually and physically. We see lots of healings immediately and are called to the villages again because they want to learn on discipleship multiplication. God is working and Holy Spirit is strong.”



Mark Anderson
Who is Mark Anderson? Mark is the director of the YWAM Kansas City base and the president of call2all. Not many people know him, but he is an amazing man of God who has seen millions (yes, millions!) of people come to Christ through his 40 years of ministry. And Sharon and I are honored to work with him on this base. If you are in Seoul, Korea, on August 30th, he’ll be speaking at both services at our sending church Jubilee. Please come out to hear him share a word about the amazing things God is doing around the world!



Final thoughts:

Mark works with a lot of the top leaders and organizations around the world who are working to really finish the Great Commission and he shared with us this amazing fact in a recent staff meeting:

“Today, we are within two years of the final people group on earth being engaged with the gospel. Never before in church history could we say this. What an extraordinary time to be alive!”

I am so honored that God has called us in this season of our lives to actively participate in the work of the Great Commission. Once again Sharon and I want to thank you all for your prayers and your support to make our small role in all of this possible. There is still a lot of work to do for all of us, but I hope this news gives us all encouragement to know that we are making great progress!

Much love from Kansas City,
The Chuns

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