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The Chun’s Update – October 2015

Weekly Devotionals

The Chun’s Update – October 2015

Dear Friends,

A lot of people ask me (Victor), “So, what exactly do you do on the YWAM Kansas City base?” Well, as part of the call2all Project Team, I’m pretty much involved in everything and anything dealing with call2all. I work with a team of around 7 people plus DTS students on various projects to inform people and bring them together to finish the Great Commission. Call2all is one of many organizations doing this, and so far it’s been a blast!

Current Projects

call2all Video Producing
One of the projects I’m working on is creating campaigns for the call2all Movement. The theme this month has been about Malachi 4:6. God is highlighting a return of the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers. We thought it would be great to interview the leaders of the YWAM KC base, Mark and Karen Anderson, and they had some great things to share about family and God’s mission. I’ll be sure to share the clips once they come out!

Young 71
Another project I’ve been working on is helping to organize a gathering of emerging Asian leaders in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to gather to see what part they can play to work towards finishing the Great Commission. This week, 115 people will be gathering from the underground church in China, from Korea, the US, and South-East Asia to network and collaborate with other emerging leaders to finish the Great Commission.

Praise Report:

Impact World (IW), the evangelistic campaign part of the YWAM KC base, has been working hard to bring the Good News of Jesus to the youth of the city of Olathe, Kansas. After a week-long evangelistic campaign, they reported 1,363 salvations! They were also able to work with the local churches and established over 250 small groups for further discipleship. To celebrate the staff made paper cut-outs and posted them all around the office. Woohoo!!

Top: Paper cut-outs representing each soul that came to the Lord
Bottom: Number of people that responded to the Gospel!

Family time at Harvest Festival

Fall in Kansas City is really beautiful and we’re taking full advantage of it by taking baby S out a lot! (she loves leaves)

In this season of Thanksgiving, our prayer is that God reminds us all of everything that He’s done for us. Look around, there is so much to be thankful for!

Until Next Time,

The Chuns

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