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The Heart of Worship

Weekly Devotionals

The Heart of Worship

I will bless the Lord at all times;  His praise will always be on my lips.  -Psalm 34:1

I’ve been asking myself lately, “what exactly does it mean to bless the Lord?” More times than not, I feel I am more accustomed to saying to the Lord, “bless me”, rather than the other way around.

On a recent trip to the Philippines, I feel that I truly got to witness what it means to bless the Lord at all times, with His praise always on our lips.  Xavier and I connected with this beautiful church family out there, and not only did we get to join them for Sunday worship service, but we got to spend nearly every day with this family.  They took us in and loved on us with so much real, genuine, awesome, LOVE of the Lord.  They shared their everyday lives and precious time with us, cooked meals for us, and shared everything they had, making us feel so welcome, like family.

Most especially, these Filipino brothers and sisters showed us love, simply by the precious time they spent with us.  They would probably say they didn’t give much at all, but through their tremendous hospitality and warm inviting hearts, we felt so loved and deeply valued.  When they were with us, they were with us. No phones to distract.  No appointments to rush to.  They were fully with us and present with us.

After being with them, I realized the immense power and impact that the ministry of presence has in making someone feel so loved~

And the youth of this church were especially remarkable.  We hung out with them every day and got to live life together…. we talked, we laughed, we played…. A LOT!!  And the most beautiful thing was to see these young people truly display such a pure heart of worship beyond anything I ever saw before. When we played games, they were singing songs of worship.  When we were sitting around talking, one kid would pick up the guitar and strum a worship song and the rest would sing along, such beautiful worship songs unto the Lord.  While riding bikes, they sang. While we were painting pictures, they had a song of worship on their lips, very naturally and spontaneously, singing unto the Lord.  They truly gave all their hearts and every minute of their day in worship to God.

In those moments I thought, compared to Western standards, we could look at these young people’s lives and think they may not be accomplishing much at all.  After all, they have very little.  Given that they live in a rural area with very little development, there are few opportunities for advancement in the job market or otherwise, and the majority of residents live in poverty.  Yet, I noticed something so genuinely beautiful, that must have brought such delight and joy to God’s heart.  That even if by the world’s standards these children may not achieve “success,” or ever attain the so called, “American Dream,” yet, their beautiful, endless, songs of worship they bring unto the Lord, must be worth far more to Him than any achievement or success ever gained in this lifetime.  God must be looking down of these precious children with such joy and delight as they sing with such a pure and joy-filled heart of worship unto Him ♡♡

And somehow I thought, these children are far more advanced in the Kingdom than many.  For they have already grasped the most important aim in life… to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. To worship to the Lord is the most significant thing we have in this life and into all eternity~~~

I returned to Korea and can’t help but ask myself if what I am devoting my time to is really all that meaningful.  For if what I am spending time doesn’t involve glorifying God and praising Him every minute, every day, what really matters? Even if I never accomplish anything of much value on this earth, the time I spend in worship and praise to God is worth far more.

Just one minute spent in the presence of God is better than a thousand minutes elsewhere.  For when we spend time in God’s presence, our hearts can’t help but be moved by what’s on His heart, and His love will compel us to do devote our time to the things that really matter, which is to serve the least…give what we have… be less self-centered and more other-centered… ultimately to give constantly and love beyond our capacity.

Living in the city, life is hectic, busy, hurried and very fast-paced.   It can be so hard to take time to worship God, let alone, spend time with others.   But I no longer want to be too rushed or too busy to miss the precious opportunities before me.  I want to fully invest and spend my time with people, being fully present with them and making them feel truly loved and valued.

There’s truly nothing more beautiful than to simply love people.  We were made for love.  This embodies everything about who Jesus and His heart of compassion for people.

I am so grateful and forever changed by this encounter with these dear Filipino brothers and sisters, who showed me what a heart of worship unto the Lord truly looks like.  It doesn’t matter what I have, material wealth means very little. The time we spend ministering unto the Lord, worshiping, praising and glorifying our God, and the time spent truly loving others, is worth far more than anything money ever could buy.

May this be our heart’s cry and stance before the Lord:

I will bless the Lord at all times;

       His praise will always be on my lips

– Psalm 34:1

Many blessings.