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Weekly Devotionals

The Lifelong Process of Experiencing Gospel

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

Humans go through different life stages. We all were born naked, went through extreme dependency on our main caretakers. Stage by stage, we experience ourselves, others and the world. Each stage is unique and necessary for our development. We also have different tasks in different stages of life to learn, master and grow. How silly that would be to tell a toddler that she needs to wait for 2 hours to play her favorite toy. We know for 2-3 year old, it is a harsh patience expectation. Sometimes we just don’t know until we get to a certain stage of life and we all have grace and understanding for each other.

In out walk with God, we go through different stages of human development as well as stages of faith and they are often deeply intertwined. From the moment that we become a believer, our faith grows as well as our human development. Interestingly, some things in life need time to be learned, even more than many hours of prayers or doing in depth bible studies. Often we don’t consider this aspect of development and get disappointed by our or others’ failures.

One of my favorite moments is to sit and listen to an old person. Someone that  lived 30-40 years more than I have. I like listening to their stories of success, failures, perspectives and wisdom. There is wisdom in time and it’s not something that I can’t buy with any effort or resources.

There were the ways of God that I did not understand 20 years ago. Even though I loved God so passionately and my heart was obedient. These things make sense to me now much more. I am sure another 20 years from now, I will see God and His ways more clearly. This gives me peace and assurance that I don’t have to have clarity in everything and helps me to be more patient with the process. I have a life to experience the gospel. And each stage, I have different problems, different issues that I need God’s saving for. I have been a believer since I was 5 and back then, my gospel was that Jesus welcomed all the children. I remember it so clearly how warm I felt when I imagined his face while holding children with his full arm. The gospel that works in me is a bit different now. It deals with a bit more difficult and complicated issues and struggles. But I am beyond words knowing that the Good News is sufficient to meet all my needs and weaknesses, to comfort me, to sanctify me, and to inspire me to serve Him and His people. May the gospel satisfies all your needs in every stage of your life.