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Unsung Heroes

Weekly Devotionals

Unsung Heroes

Genesis 24:12 “Then he prayed, “Lord, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today and show kindness to my master Abraham”

In the Bible, we have countless, nameless heroes that through simple acts of faith and obedience became part of a thread of a majestic tapestry that God designed through history: the little boy who brought Jesus the five loaves and two fishes, the faithful servant, as in the verse above, who went to search for Isaac’s wife, just to name a few.

Earlier this month I had the privilege of meeting one Christian hero of our faith, Ravi Zacharias ( What a privilege indeed it was. In this day and age when many giants of faith have been marred by scandals involving immorality, abuse of power and controversies, Ravi’s ministries have grown in stature as the evangelist of the 21st century, blameless from the inside and out, assuming a gravitas that only comes with a vintage of the cumulative years of blemishless ministry.

Where did it all start? Ravi often tells the story of his conversion, more than 50 years ago in India, in a bed of suicide at the age of 17, having attempted to take his own life because he did not “fit” the standards of his culture. A young man named Fred Davies, who at the time was doing ministry for YWAM, came to visit him in the hospital to give him a Bible. Unable to read on his own because of his precarious condition, Ravi’s mother read him in broken English the verses that Fred had highlighted “Because
I live, you also shall live” John 14:19. It was the beginning of his life altering recovery and journey…

Fred Davies passed away a couple of years ago, peacefully, surrounded by his family just after Easter Sunday of 2013. You won’t
find him if you search him in Google, he didn’t have a vibrant ministry nor did he write any insightful books. He was simply a follower of Christ. In one of his talks, Ravi recounts a conversation that he had with Fred over the phone, just days before he passed away, and this was the only time I saw Ravi’s voice break in public, unable to hold back the tears. Fred said “Ravi, sometimes I think that the only reason I came to this world, was to bring that bible to you in that hospital”.

This story always encourages me and humbles me. God, in his omniscient, all powerful character, can use us as tiny levers to move impossible mountains. We never know how we are going to touch people’s lives, we never know who God will place before us to minister. A frail, struggling, and troubled Ravi Zacharias may be before us, and our simple, yet genuine, Christ’s centered posture of obedience can transcend time and space into eternity…

I pray that our community is full of Fred Davies, the unsung heroes of our faith. God Bless you this week!