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Was Jesus a Complementarian?

Weekly Devotionals

Was Jesus a Complementarian?

The simple answer is that I do not know. There’s an article I read recently titled “Our Pro-Woman, Complementarian Jesus.” You can read the full text here, although I will not get into the specifics of egalitarian vs complementarian views. The main issue I have with this article is that labeling Jesus with our modern hashtags is anachronistic, presumptuous, and extremely self-serving.

Just think of what the author is trying to do here. He is using a modern definition of a specific view on gender roles and applying it to Jesus so that others can see the wisdom of this view and understand that Jesus was “unequivocally complementarian” and we should be too. To be fair, I would have the same problem if someone wrote that Jesus was “unequivocally egalitarian.” (A thoughtful response can be found here.)

This tendency to use God to buttress our own theology is nothing new. We all do it in our own ways more often that we realize. I think it helps to start with the unpopular idea that no one person, or church, or denomination has a stranglehold on truth. It’s far more likely that God sprinkled a bit of wisdom in every heart and only collectively can we reflect the image of our creator. Instead of using Jesus to prove that we are right, I pray that we may simply be used by Jesus.