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Weekly Devotionals

We are Adopted (or the Cats’ Meow)

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” – Romans 8:15

My family and I live in a very polarized neighborhood right now. The polarization is not about politics, race, or even sports. It’s about cats. Yes, you read that right. Cats!

We recently moved to a brand new townhouse apartment complex at the end of November. We were maybe the tenth household to move in. Yet, way before anyone moved into this neighborhood, there were already some feline residents who had called the neighborhood their home. They were a family of 5 cats; 1 mama cat and her 4 kittens. Our family lives in Goyang, just outside of Seoul, and since the word “goyangi” means “cat” in Korean, cats are the mascot of our city, and there are many stray cats everywhere, so it’s not like we haven’t seen stray cats before.

However, these cats were different. Most stray cats run away at the mere sound of human footsteps. It’s their flee-and-survive instinct that keeps them alive. But, these cats don’t run from people. You could tell that someone really cared for them because in the adjacent park next to our apartment complex someone had put up a little home for them to stay warm in the winter months, and they fed them and gave them water. Someone had loved them, and so instead of running from people in fear, they would come up to you and play with you. They would rub up against your leg. They were friendly, lovable cats. They were friendlier than most domestic cats.

But whoever it was that took care of the cats, that person had left, and a new park maintenance person came, and he doesn’t like cats. He got rid of their home, and their food and water bowls. My daughter would go to feed the cats, but the man would tell her that she can’t do that anymore, and he would be mean to her for trying to take care of the cats.

So, my wife and daughter took it upon themselves to find a way to care for these cats, not at the park, but at our apartment complex. They got a couple of styrofoam boxes and made houses for the cats in a hidden away nook in our neighborhood. They bought cat food and made sure to feed the cats every day and give them water. These cats were not ordinary stray cats, and they needed someone to take care of them, and so every night my wife and daughter would go out on a mission as Cat Lady and Cat Girl, as I have affectionately monikered them, and they would take care of the cats.

Then a few days ago, someone posted a note on our apartment Naver community group. They said that they didn’t like those cats, and that whoever made the houses for those cats should get rid of them within a week or they would do it themselves. If it were only one voice, it may not be that big a deal, but then there were a couple of other people that chimed in in agreement. Cat Lady and Cat Girl were heartbroken, but they knew they had to get rid of the houses. It’s not that they didn’t have supporters who also liked the cats. Apparently there have been other people in the neighborhood that also loved these cats, and have been doing what they can to take care of them. But, Cat Lady and Cat Girl didn’t want to be the cause of a civil war in the neighborhood because of cats, and so they reluctantly got rid of the houses from the old location, where the cats were comfortable at.

And so, now we’ve tried to feed them in front of our own house every day. We’ve set up a house for them in front of our own place, hoping they would sleep there at night when it gets cold, but so far no luck. They come during the day to eat and drink water. They come to play with my kids. We’ve given them all names. I’m sure the cats must be confused because who knows what other names other people have been calling them by (BTW, that’s ChoCho and Haram pictured above). We’ll never be able to fully adopt them because Cat Lady and Cat Girl have cat allergies. But, we hope that we can somehow maintain this equilibrium, if God allows.

The reason I share this today is because, although we are human beings and not cats, similar to these cats, we also live in a harsh world that doesn’t really like us. It’s hard to find our place in this world. It’s hard to find a place to live. It’s hard to put food on the table. It’s hard to find love. And when you think you’ve finally got a good thing going on, someone takes it away from you. How many of us have felt like it’s me against the world?

But, there is a God that loves us. There is a God that will love us when it seems no one else ever will. There is a God that will always be faithful to us and look out for us. Even though we were enemies, He loved us so much that He sent His only Son, and this Son died for us, so we could be adopted into His family. We are no longer enemies, but co-heirs with the Son of God. And we get to call God “Abba, Father!” How amazing is that?

I don’t know how this saga with the cats is going to end. I’m sure it won’t end until Cat Lady and Cat Girl have done everything they can to fight for the cats. But, I do know how our saga will end for those who receive this adoption into the family of God. We will be loved and cared for forever and ever!

This week, whatever it is you may be going through, let’s give praise to God, and live fully in the adoption into the family of God, and let’s live with confidence as co-heirs with Christ! May the peace of Christ be with all of you this week!