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Baby Dedications

Honoring God as the Giver of Life

We provide an opportunity for parents, together with the church community, to thank the Lord for their child, honor Him by recognizing that their child’s true identity and purpose can only be found in Him, and to ask for His blessing that their child will become a person that knows this him/herself. Please send us an email if you are interested in this ceremony.

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Immersed into the Fellowship of the Triune God

There are two ordinances that we recognize and practice here at Jubilee, one being baptisms. If you are one that believes in Jesus as your Savior and Lord to want to live to follow all His ways and His purposes, we believe that the Bible teaches us that you should be baptized for there is spiritual significance confessing your faith publicly, before God and fellow believers. Though we honor other forms of baptisms, we practice baptisms in the form of full, water immersion.

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Remembering Jesus as He Asked

This is the second ordinance that we practice at Jubilee Church as Jesus asked us to remember Him through communion. In the biblical context, this was so because Jews eating together with Gentiles was a clear display confirming Jesus’ work of bringing those once divided, together now in His love. As the cultural context changed over time, the practice of communion changed into a symbolic ordinance that recognized the same. Here at Jubilee, we practice the ordinance of communion every 1st Sunday of the month.

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upcoming events

More ways to Connect and Serve

Please stay in the know of the various opportunities we offer outside of our Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday night gatherings to connect more with one another as well as to serve.  Over the course of our calendar year, you can look forward to Church-wide Retreats, Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children, volunteering for VBS, local and international outreach opportunities, social gatherings, and more.

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