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From Seoul to All Nations


domestic outreach

From Seoul

Though we are limited as an international, English-speaking church in Seoul, as the Lord commanded, we are still committed to do our best to look outwards to pray for and seek the prosperity of the city. In such, we support a number of organizations that serve various groups of people who live in this city, that are in need of help.

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Homeless Outreach Ministry

We support a local ministry that work with the homeless, called “Nanumi.” We support the organization by providing financial support for their organization and other annual projects and by purchasing and helping them to serve lunch to the homeless near Seoul Station.

English Leadership Ministry

This is a ministry that works with college-aged North Korean students. We support them financially towards providing college scholarships for them, as well as by volunteering in their efforts to teach them English and to provide mentorship.

Jerusalem Ministry

This is a ministry that works with orphans. We support this organization by sponsoring various orphanages under their care during the Christmas season and by volunteering to support their annual soccer and arts camps for orphans.

Oak Tree Project

This is a ministry that works with young adults that have aged out of their orphanages. We support this organization by providing financial support as well as by volunteering as mentors for these young adults.

Women’s Hope Center

This is a ministry that helps support the welfare of single mothers. We support them through financial support

Other Opportunties

In addition to the organizations we support regularly, we also support many other one-time domestic outreach opportunities that come to our attention, year to year.

international outreach

To all nations

Being in Seoul affords us a unique opportunity to serve people and nations as English-speakers, that would otherwise be much harder to reach due to geographic proximity, the many countries in Asia. We are committed to take advantage of this situation to the best of our ability and resources. Currently, we are in-process of rebuilding out international connections due to the forced break caused by the Covid Pandemic. We are excited to see what’s next for us concerning serving the Lord’s purposes in this international context. In the past, we were active in supporting work in Cambodia, Indonesia, and North East China.

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Helping to Send

We support individuals who have chosen full-time missions work as one of their supporting organizations. We also support members of Jubilee Church who have chosen and trained to do full-time missions work as one of our “In-House Missionaries.” Currently, we support Eric Stoneman as one of his network of supporters and hope to train new In-House Missionaries.

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The first step in this process is that a certain individual would be brought to the attention of our Elder Board through the various relational connections of our official members.

The second step is an interview process with the individual with various members of the Elder Board. There can be some exceptions made but for the most, this person must be serving in Asia.

The third step is the final decision to be made by the Elder Board. Approval of a candidate means that we will be committed to give monthly financial support as well as access to raise funds from our community as one of projects on our giving page, Jubilink.

The fourth step is a commitment made by the missionary candidate to visit Jubilee at least once every couple of years to share an in-person report with our community

The first step is that this person(s) has to be an official member of Jubilee Church

The second step is that this person must be committed to being a full-time missionary in Asia, excluding South Korea.

The third step is that they would need to formally apply to be considered as a In-house Missionary candidate.

The fourth step is the vetting of this applicant by our church’s leadership (Elder Board, Deacon Board, Staff).

The fifth step is the approval of the In-house missionary candidate. If they pass the vetting process, the applicant will be approved as an In-house Missionary trainee and will start the process of the due diligence needed to prepare to be on the field as a full-time missionary.

ngo Partners

Co-labors Collaborating

Co-labors Collaborating Under this: As an expression of one of our church’s value of Unity, we share our facilities with several not-for-profit, Christian organizations. In doing so, we hope that this helps facilitate greater unity and synergy towards serving together, the Lord’s mission.

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